Left Brain • RIGHT MIND

The perfect blend of science & aesthetics.


Come on, Baby, Light our Synapses on Fire!

What do you get when Creatives and Engineers collide?

A MindSpark*

The thing about our team is that we are all a unique blend of artist and scientist on varying levels. Some of us just lean a little heavier one way or another.  We are an eclectic and diversely talented group who really enjoy what we do and never met a challenge we didn't love.

Creativity Design Usability Emotion


Math Science Code Functionality


perfectly blended unique solution


Our Services

Branding Design

Image. Reputation. Culture. Style. It starts with a first impression and flourishes into long lasting loyal customers who are loyal to your Brand and Culture. These are the priceless benefits of quality branding that last long after the first conversation or sale.

Web Design

User Experience Design methodology can make your site stand out way above the norm. And get you qualified leads or sales. Image and ease is crucial to getting that first conversation opportunity. And you know you got it from there. We'll make sure you get that first opportunity.


From custom trade show booth designs, to fully custom fabricated display cases, to 3D printing and prototype development and testing. This is an area we really love, because its science, it's design, its hands on, and its digital...it 's everything we love with the added challenge of having to figure out how to get it done.


It's all about nailing down the target, and finding the most efficient and creative way to reach them and build brand loyalty and brand ambassadors. It's about telling a great story and making a positive difference in the world.


You dream it up and we can figure it out. From custom web apps that automatically schedule and track and report safety inspectors, to commercial real estate profit loss investment strategies, to games and even a pilot logging app. No matter the device or the application, we have the experience in development and also in the launching of an app in a store and getting it marketed.


Good high quality video production can make such a huge difference in your brand impression, and your over all ROI. It's not just a good camera anymore, everyone has a good camera in their pockets now days. It's knowing lighting, composition, balance, reflections, color, and simply at the end of the day, telling a story through quality animation.

We are Mind Spark Design Studio

We build more than just Themes. We build User Experience for both, you and your visitors.

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